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Keys to True Diversity and Inclusion
Our Mission: To help organizations and their
employees map paths to success.
Advisory board meetings: Quarterly, virtual events
with other BSS clients to network
and form high level relationships.

Why Brilliant Sales Strategies

I believe that incredible people with amazing talents are all around us. You are here to make the world better by doing great things.  I love helping people change their lives by connecting them with other remarkable people, by helping them see advantages and opportunities that will make their companies better, and by unlocking their potential as leaders.

I am John Durso and my company is Brilliant Sales Strategies.  I specialize in culture building, leadership training and sales strategies.


  • Listening is more valuable than talking
  • Educating is not selling
  • Leaders are greater than managers
  • Service above self
  • Care for others, genuinely
  • Actions speak louder than words
  • Above all, enjoy life

Are you a business owner who wants to lead a dynamic company? I can help.


Do you need to navigate this new world of virtual fundraising? I can help.


Are you looking for a fresh approach to business development and deliver exceptional experiences to your guests? I can help.

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