Small Business and Non-Profit strategies

In today’s business and cultural climate, everything has changed. Virtual selling is not going away. Everyone talks about “pivoting” when really the world is adapting and evolving. Brilliant Sales Strategies can make your organization not only evolve but thrive as never before.

Congratulations! You have launched your organization successfully but now, for some reason, things have stalled. Let Brilliant Sales Strategies create and expand your dynamic organizational culture.

Great leaders create great leaders.  Managers make sure tasks get done.  Sometimes a difficult employee is simply not being motivated.  Brilliant Sales Strategies can help you understand how to become a great leader and help you get your employees on track.

Looking to freshen your approach? Are your salespeople suddenly hitting roadblocks? Brilliant Sales Strategies specializes in discovering what makes you great and helps streamline your sales machine.

Sometimes you just need a sympathetic ear. Let Brilliant’s 22 years of experience help you figure things out.

Does your purse match your grand plans? Let Brilliant Sales Strategies help you understand what banks need to get a business loan.  Are you terrified of your PPP Forgiveness application? We can do it for you!

Over the years, John has built incredible relationships with thousands of leaders.  His ability to open doors is amazing. Learn his style and start building your connections today.

Our unique, proven methods may just be the way to help your organization thrive.

What’s the most effective way to get fast results from BSS training sessions? Include your team! Sessions include:

  • Personality Profiling and the Covid Buyer’s mindset
  • Diversity and inclusion in sales and leadership
  • Your personal SWOT Analysis and setting goals
  • Making and growing your pipeline
  • Relationship building and follow-up techniques
  • Networking 101, Advanced Class &  Master Class
  • Time management techniques
  • Running effective brainstorming meetings
  • And many more